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Raising the Bar With Guaranteed Sterling Silver or Better Jewelry Surprises in Every Candle!

All-Natural, Handmade Bath & Body Products and so much more!

Southern Belle offers nothing but the finest in home, bath and body fragrance– and genuine jewelry. Unlike other companies’ mass-produced jewelry candles, our hand-poured, custom luxury jewelry candles contain genuine jewelry, not cheap costume jewelry; no plastic or glass stones; no plated brass from China.

After all, who wants a piece of fake jewelry that’ll just turn you green or fall apart? We don’t, and we don’t think you do, either, so all of our jewelry has real value; our jewelry is ALL sterling silver or better (.925 Silver, Rhodium, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, etc.) and one in every hundred or so jewelry wax orders will contain gold!

You have a real chance to win something valuable with Southern Belle, and all of our jewelry will last for years to come. We have a wide assortment of styles, from simple and elegant to cocktail-style sparklers; you never know what you’ll find, but it’ll be beautiful!

Sarah hand-chooses every piece of jewelry, and because we buy in bulk from silver and gold wholesalers, we’re able to keep our costs affordable enough to give you a quality product.

A lady is someone who tries to make the people around her feel as comfortable, as happy, as at ease as possible, honey.”

~ Rose Marie Leftwich